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We have done our research, take a look!

The chart above from the Equine Research Center, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada says it all. Shavings required to bed a stall using StableComfort™ was 80% less than the control stall. Dust levels present during mucking were reduced by 80% as well. The Equine Research Center also found that using StableComfort™ cut their daily clean out time by 50%!!

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  • StableComfort™ can be installed over any existing stall flooring,with minimum preparatory work saving time, energy and money.

  • StableComfort™ replaces bedding material for the purpose of horse comfort now all you need is enough bedding to absorb the moisture!

  • Less bedding means less particle breakdown, resulting in better air quality in your stable.

  • Less bedding means faster daily stall clean-out time.

  • Less bedding means more money in your pocket.

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The StableComfort™ has been proven to be the equivalent of 4-6” of wood shavings. This means that in many cases we are simply replacing a lot of bedding and many people bed much heavier than this amount.

The best argument for this is the long list of testimonials we receive from people who have seen noticeable improvements in their animal’s health while being stabled on StableComfort.

The graph below illustrates how StableComfort™ compares with other stall floorings and shows its superior ability to provide the highest level of horse comfort.

The Clegg Hammer

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The Clegg Hammer is an ASTM device used to measure the shock absorbance of different surfaces. In effect it tests “hardness”. The lower the number registered by the Clegg Hammer the better the shock absorbance.

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