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  • My mare trots out of her stall now instead of walking out stiff, and from the shavings on her belly I know that she was lying down, something she hasn't done for years!

  • Iím now finished cleaning my stalls by 10:30 am when before it was 1:30 pm, and I certainly no longer need to hire people to help me . . . I used to get a load of shavings once every three weeks, now the last load I received has lasted me three months and itís still going!

  • No more hock sores and we use half the bedding, with no digging and no more repositioning of heavy rubber mats.

  • In my mind Comfort Stall saved my mareís life! StableComfort provided her with the necessary comfort and allowed her leg the time it needed to heal.

  • I can see my "StableComfort" stalls paying for themselves within a year in labor alone and thatís not even examining bedding, manure handling and veterinarian bills!

  • Iím not only the stall mucker, Iím also the bill payer. Iíve finally found something that can cut my expenses and labor in half, while giving my horses the comfort they deserve.

Give Your Horse The BEST, StableComfort